Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Herbs of the season!

When I was buying my raspberry plants the other day I was surprised to see herbs and tomato plants out already! Since I live in Connecticut our outdoor growing season really doesn't start till May 15th. So as I browsed, I noticed a sale was going on so I looked for some stuff I needed. Ever since Starbucks took my regular tea away (orange blossom green tea) I've been drinking green tea with Spearmint, which is delicious! So even though I have peppermint, orange mint and chocolate mint, I don't have spearmint in my garden. So I put spearmint on my list of plants for 2013! As I searched, they had basil, rosemary, lavender and mint! Once I found the spearmint I decided to see if they had anything else. I hesitated buying basil because I collected a bunch of seeds from last years plant and hope to grow some from that. They had parsley but I've actually have never used it, so why grow it ! Then I saw cilantro, I love the spicy kick of cilantro especially over hot soup or in guacamole! So I picked up some cilantro as well. The mint and cilantro were only $2 a piece!!!! Not a bad deal, now lets just hope the warm weather keeps up!