Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Basil seeds growing 5/29/13!

Last summer I grew some sweet basil and allowed it to go to seed at the end of the summer.  Before a frost and Hurricane Sandy I collected the seeds and left them in a glass cup all winter.  They looked just like poppy seeds.  I know I didn't store then in ideal conditions but figured I would try growing them anyways.  I started the seeds in an egg carton.  Before I planted the seeds I let them soak in a cup if warm water for a few hours.  To my surprise they formed a gel coating around the seed just like Chia Seeds do! I wouldn't have been surprised if none of the seeds sprouted but most of them did!  Now I have an egg carton filled with basil sprouts! Hopefully the will continue to grow and I can plant themin between  my tomatoes!  If I get enough plants I can use them in sauces or maybe even try to make pesto!!