Saturday, June 8, 2013

Apple Sees Experiment!

As a fun experiment this summer I decided to try out growing some apple trees from seed.  Not that I have any space for apple trees in my yard or the patients to wait up to 10 years for it to bear fruit! As I was juicing organic apples from Whole Foods this past winter after getting my Juicer I was gathering seeds.  I had to remove the seeds from the apples before juicing so I figure why not save them and try to grow them in the spring.  I collected a few granny smith apple seeds (my favorite apple) and some fuji apple seeds.  Neither of these varieties grow well in Connecticut but this is just an experiment.  Although if they were to grow and fruit, they would be safe to eat because they were organic seeds! Anyways I saved the seeds in a glass bowl on my windowsill for a few months.  Then in early May when I was planting other seeds I saved, like my basil seeds, I decided to plant the apple ones just to see if they would grow.  After I planted them I did some research and realized if the seeds weren't exposed to a cold dormant period they wouldn't sprout.  This was a disappointment because I had kept them on the warm window sill for those few months so I wasn't expecting them to sprout.  Well to my surprise every apple seed I planted has sprouted and begun to grow.  Some of the apple trees are already 2-3 inches tall!! It will be interesting to see how big the trees grow over the summer and whether or not i'll have to find a place to plant them!  As I write this I realize this is a perfect example of Growing from kitchen Scraps!