Sunday, August 19, 2012

Problems with a Blueberry Bush

The precipitation this summer has been strange bouncing back and forth between moderate drought and normal conditions. However the very end of July and August so far has seem wetter. It's not just that we have gotten a decent amount of rain, but we gave gotten this rain in torrential downpours which doesn't evaporate that quick in high dew-points. I began to notice one of the blueberry bushes pots was collecting water at the top and I would occasionally have to tip the pot to empty it. The bush didn't seem impacted by it at first. However after torrential downpours last week, the pot flooded, leaving standing water for days! This did have an impact on the bush, browning and killing a lot of the new growth! So I had to empty the bush from the pit remove the water and a lot of the soil. To my surprise I had forgotten to punch holes in the bottom of the pot, which was trapping the water! Such a STUPID mistake!! After pinching holes in the bottom and replanting the bush I trimmed off the dead branches. The bush isn't as pretty anymore but hopefully it will come back!