Sunday, September 30, 2012

Deal on Blueberries!!

I went to Lowes the other day to replace one of the two half high Chippewa bushes I got back in the spring for $7 each. The weekly ad showed blueberry bushes on sale for just under $10 so I figured I would go and replace one now for the spring and maybe even pick up a raspberry bush if they had them! I went to the lowes closest to my house and was disappointed to find they only had fruit trees no blueberry bushes. So I decided to go to the Lowes a town over to see what they had.

When I got to the other Lowes I instantly saw the racks upon racks of Blueberry shrubs, as I got closer I saw a yellow sign saying reduced, $4.99! At this point I knew I would be getting more than one bush!! As I began my search through the various varieties I realized blackberry bushes were also mixed in. I figured the blueberry bushes were so cheap I could pick up one blackberry bush for $10. I ended up getting two Sunshine Blue Blueberry bushes, one Brigitta Blueberry bush and one Apache thornless Blackberry bush. I also picked up a 16 inch brown plastic pot on clearance for $3.

When I went to check out I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all the blueberry plants were $2 each!!!! If I had the land I would have bought soo much more! LoL

My total for three blueberry bushes, 1 blackberry bush and a 16 inch brown pot was $11.82! What a deal! #growberries