Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Growing a Good Complexion: My Latest article on Hubpages

I haven't been writing on that often lately but finally got around to writing a new article the other night!  After the continuing traffic success of my article Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps, I thought I would write another article about gardening.  So I decided to write an article connecting the benefits of growing your own healthy food and a better complexion.  I have to admit my skin isn't flawless, as I am sure many of you reading this also have some skin aliments.  Eating some of the foods listed in my article will dramatically improve your skin problems, it may not solve them but it will definitely help!!  The best thing is  I have listed fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your own backyard, eating them at peak freshness when the nutrients are the best!!! The new article is called:

Growing a Good Complexion: A Gardener's Guide to Healthy Skin