Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Garden in the Blizzard!

I feel like spring is even farther away now that my part CT received over 30 inches in the Blizzard of 2013 aka Nemo (The Weather Channel's name for it!). A day after the storm and I'm still snowed in! My street hasn't even been plowed yet! My backyard is covered in close to 3 feet of snow and drifts that go to the top of the fence!

My vegetable garden is buried! As you can see in the photo below all that remains of my garden is the very top of the wire fencing!!! It's an amazing site to be seen! I'm glad I put my blueberry bushes in the shed a few weeks ago when we got the near 0 degree cold temps! If hadn't they would be crushed under the heavy snowfall!

Also check out my back deck! The snow is up to the door handle and we could get out that way! It also didn't help that we left a shovel out there lol!