Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Duke Blueberry Plant

After two very cold winters in a row and the mistake of not protecting my container blueberry bushes as well as I should have, I've lost one of my four blueberry bushes.

One of the sunshine blue blueberry plants  didn't make it through the butter subzero temps we had this past winter, even with a insulating layer of leaves and snow! 

So I couldn't resist checking out some stores this spring to see if they had any berry plants. This is when I came across the Duke Blueberry. The plant itself looked pretty healthy at the store (see pic of the plant below) and it is a variety that would benefit yeilds among the varieties I already have. 

The Duke Blueberry... 

Now the Duke Blueberry bush is all set in a container ready to blossom with the three other varieties I have.