Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stages of the Blueberry in Photographs

The blueberry, its the gorgeous marble of fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and deliciousness! This healthy treat from Mother Nature is considered a superfood but do you know what it looks like before it turns blue? 
Below are some photos I took of my blueberry plants in my backyard and the progression from flower to fruit. I think many people underestimate the beautiful bell-shaped flowers of a a blueberry bush. They also don't realize where the actual blueberry starts to form! 
If these photos encourage you to grow some of your own superfood, blueberries in your backyard, here's some facts, tips and tricks! 

The first photo is of the blueberry bush in bloom. The beautiful bell-shaped flowers look so delicate but are in fact pretty hardy. They form in clusters and will eventually become blueberries. They can also come in various shades of white, blue and even red! 

At the next stage, the flowers begin to fall off leaving a small and thin blue base behind. This is in fact the actual blueberry! 

Before the berries start to beef up, they look like these green flat stars. It's actually pretty interesting looking! 

The final stages, from the green plump berries to the ripe blueberry and it's famous blue/purple color! Photo from Wikipedia commons.