Monday, May 4, 2015

The Good & Bad of my Strawberries

I love strawberries! The little red berries are so sweet and delicious, not to mention healthy too! Strawberries are actually one of the first edible plants I tried to grow! 

Although it was the first edible plant I tried to grow, I have yet to master growing strawberries. However, I've been lucky in some ways and unlucky in others ! 

(Above is one of my strawberry plants in bloom - taken 5/4/15) 

When I first planted strawberries, I bought a small packet of about 20 plants. They were condensed in a small bucket no larger than six square inches. They were a June bearing strawberry, a classification that I had no idea meant at the time! I planted them in my backyard but they ended up dying by the end of the summer (most likely because there wasn't enough sun light). 

Now, here's where the luck kicks in. The following spring, out of no where, strawberry plants began to grow in the garden by the front porch. This was great news because I thought I had lost all my plants, they also seemed to do very well up front, where they got full sun all afternoon. 

We let the strawberry plants stay there for a few years and the began to spread like crazy. I would also get a few good strawberries every year! Finally, it was too much and I had to remove them from the front landscape. So I moved them to the south western side of the house and have just left them to grow on their own. See the photos below. 

Now the bad luck. I've attempted to transplant them to other areas of the yard but they never seem to take. I also tried to transplant some to a container last summer but they didn't survive the winter. 

They're still awesome plants to have and I love seeing the white flowers blossom early in the spring but I wish i could organize them better for a better yield.