Thursday, October 11, 2012

Future Plans: Raspberries

Now that the growing season is coming to an end with a freeze watch up for Friday October 12th I'm already looking forward to expanding my edible gardens next year!  One thing ideally want to do is start growing more berries in my backyard!  I have 4 blueberry bushes, a blackberry bush and some strawberry plants but what I'm aching to grow is Raspberry bushes!  I will go further into what varieties and where I want to grow them in a future post but right now I wanted to share. A link to a very simple raspberry recipe which I'm super excited to try once I have enough berries and a dehydrator lol!

I just came across this online about using raspberries for Raw fruit leather and how it's very similar, yet healthier then fruit roll ups of my (and probably your) childhood!  This recipe calls for just organic raspberries, organic honey, a blender, wax paper and a dehydrator!  Simple ingredients and some pricier equipment.  All you do is blend the raspberries and honey together till its a paste then place flat on wax paper in the dehydrator for hours and then wait till dry yet sticky.  Once it's done you can roll them up like fruit roll ups and they can last up to six weeks!!! (That is if you don't eat all of them!)