Friday, October 12, 2012

First Freeze Preparation: 10/12/12

With tonight's freeze warning in effect and temps barely getting above 50 degrees today I decided to do some preparations for winter.  First I went through and picked all the tomatoes I could, all were green and will need to ripen but at lease they won't go bad because of the freeze!  At frost I thought I would cover some of the plants considering next week will be warmer but I think I'll just sit back and see what happens.

Besides harvesting the last of the tomatoes and peppers I also decided to bring in my pot of rosemary and my new, unplanted blackberry bush.  This will give me more time to prepare and harvest the rosemary while also allowing me more time to figure out where to put the blackberry bush!

I also took some evergreen branches from a bush we chopped down last week and placed them around my potted blueberry bushes just to give them some extra warmth tonight!

Looks like after tonight ill be doing more preps and planning for next years garden! I wish the 2012 growing season didn't have to end so soon!  Stay tuned because ill have to winterized plants too!