Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Saved a Tree today!

Well it wasn't actually today it was last weekend, the first weekend in October. Earlier in the year we noticed a maple tree growing behind a rose bush up against the siding of our garage. We knew we had to remove it or it would be trouble for not only the other plants but our foundation as well! However the tree was so nice and after successfully transplanting another maple last year I really wanted to do it again!

So we waited all summer leaving it be, hoping the fall would produce excellent conditions for transplanting. In the mean time the tree went from 5 feet to 8-9 feet tall!!! The rapid growth was unbelievable!

So last weekend we decided to transplant from the south facing side of the yard to a hill on the north side. It was difficult to dig up the roots with the rose bush next to it but we did it!

Then we went straight to the other side of the yard and planted it. Once it was away from the house I realized it was a very nice shaped tree!

So instead of just pulling it out and destroying it I saved another tree that day! Lets hope it takes!