Monday, July 9, 2012

Failed Crops so far

So far I've had pretty good luck with my garden except for a few problems with the corn, cabbage and broccoli. Something (I suspect it's a squirrel) is climbing into the garden and knowing at the stalks of corn causing them to fall over. On top of that the new corn seeds I planted right before the 4th of July have been eaten by birds. So this week I decided to plant more garden beans in that area of the garden.

Another area where I'm having a problem is with the cabbage and broccoli, which were both growing well but leaves have been eaten by what I'm assuming to be cabbage worm. The plants have gotten so bad that today July 9th I pulled out all my broccoli plants and will hopefully replace that area with some more cucumber plants. As disappointing as it is to get really great harvests you need to know what works and what doesn't to be able to take full advantage of your garden space! So failure does have its purpose!

The photo below is the broccoli right before I pulled it out, notice all the leaves are eaten!