Monday, July 9, 2012

Herb Garden!

Along with the expansion of my vegetable garden this year I have also decided to start my first herb garden! I came across peppermint at Lowes in early May and decided to buy that along with Orange Mint (which has a citrus taste to it!). After doing some research I learned mint is not only easy to grow and a perennial but also very invasive and hard to kill! The hard to kill and perennial part was great, the invasive part not so much! So I decided to plant the mint in a whiskey barrel to contain it. When I picked up the whiskey barrel at the store I also bought a chocolate mint plant. Although they started off small in the barrel, only two months later the whiskey barrel is over flowing with mint! So far I have dried some mint, had peppermint tea, made a simple mint syrup, made a Mint Julep and even just eaten the peppermint leaves!