Thursday, July 12, 2012

Re-potted basil and cucumber plants

I finally got around to potting my basil plant, I bought the herb at Lowes around 4th of July, kind of late in the season but it's still useful! I also re-potted some cucumber plants. After seeing how well the squash plant is doing in the pot, I decided to grow some cucumber in pots. I have the pickle bush variety which is compact, therefore easy to grow in containers. I started the cucumber from seed the last week of June in one pot. They sprout pretty quick during the 90 degree heat and I separated them today so each plant has their own pot. I'll stake the cucumbers so they grow straight up and hopefully will give me some extra cucumbers! As I laid the new pots on the deck next to my watermelon and cayenne peppers, I realized my container garden is getting pretty big! I love it!

Now I just need to find a place for my rosemary plant...